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Repair guides and support for your Samsung TV.

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samsung tv - grey, jiggly, separate lines

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

How can I remove these grey jiggly lines from the screen?

They appear and dissapear at random times. Tried light hitting it from the back and they disappeared for a moment. Here I uploaded three pictures from the front and back so you can have (I suppose) a better understanding of what I'm talking about. I cant really find the code of this tv but I assume it's 50'+ Inch. If any information is required please do ask and I'll immediately answer them.

I tried disconnecting every cable I could see and reconnecting it but no result.

If similar topics were created before mine, please redirect me there and delete this one.

Update (10/18/2020)

Hey @jayeff Yes, they do. Tried hdmi, Scart but they still appear. Found the model number:


Model: PS50B430P2W

Model Code: PS50B430P2WXXH

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Hi @edwardnewton ,

usually the model number is shown on the information label that is on the back of a TV.

Do the lines occur when trying different inputs, input types or signal sources e.g. HDMI, coax, Component video, dvd player signal source, antenna signal source etc?


@oldturkey03 You mentioned something about a reflow, how can I do that?

Nonetheless I'll see what I can find online.

-Thanks in advance


@edwardnewton you can cover the board with some heat resistance foil (aluminium foil) with the exception of the BGA. Keep that exposed including the edges of it. Then borrow your significant others toaster/oven and heat it up to about 430 fahreneheit for a few minutes. Let it cool down by itself without moving it around to much. Not the greatest way of doing it but I assume that you do not have the proper rework station available to do it the proper way. Biggest issue with doing it that way is that the substrate of the IC gets warped and/or the IC gets ruined. Anyhow......


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I don't know plasmas that well but if the lines don't move position it could by the panel data drive ICs (or their connections to the panel itself) and they cannot be replaced as they are part of the panel.

If it disappears by hitting the top of the panel the connections are being reestablished, albeit temporarily.

Have heard of others hitting a bit more forcefully and removing the problem for some months but haven't witnessed it myself and I don't know how hard they hit ;-)

Hopefully someone may answer who knows how to resolve the problem Sorry i cannot be of more help.


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@jayeff Appreciate your time and effort.

I'll see what I can do.

Have a good one.


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@edwardnewton this looks like a failure of the BGA chip on the logic board. Sometimes this can be fixed by a reflow other times a replacement board will fix this. Check the board number directly on that board and do an online search. See if it is still available.

Block Image

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