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Repair documentation for Asus' 14-inch Ryzen-powered gaming laptop, released in mid-2020.

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Can I change the keyboard of the device?

I have a Finnish keyboard. I want to have a International English type keyboard. Is it possible to order a replacement keyboard and change it?

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Not totally sure but it should be possible. It may depend on your exact model though if a replacement part is available or not.

Here are all the keyboard modules that are available for Asus GA401IV-1D and -1E laptops. I think that these are the model numbers for a Zephyrus G14, but perhaps you should confirm it and which one you have, just to be sure.

The part number for a US-English International keyboard module is 90NR03F2-R31UI0 (-1D model) and 90NR03F3-R31UI0 (1E model)

When searching online using the part number only, there were only results for 2 suppliers of the part for the -1D model and no one for the -1E model who had any in stock or indicated that could be ordered. Hopefully you need the -1D part and not the -1E part, but then again you may find what I couldn’t ;-)

Here’s a video that shows how to replace the keyboard module which may be of some help.

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Does this mean if my current keyboard is placed as 1E I will only be able to replace it with another 1E? Will someone be able to identify if the 1D version would fit if I sent a picture of it?


Hi @s1782480

I don't know.

There must be some reason why the 1E keyboard has a different part number to the 1D keyboard as usually if the keyboard is compatible between model variants they use the same one.

Also I don't know why the 1E keyboard would be listed as unavailable rather than remote stock which means that it has to be ordered in.

Perhaps while you’re waiting for a more definitive answer from someone else, you could try contacting the parts supplier in the link I posted and ask them if a 1D keyboard is compatible with a 1E laptop. If they don't know at least they may be able to find out as they deal with the manufacturer. Here's their contact email address info@zandparts.com


Part number: 90NR03F3-R31US2


Be warned, right now you can only buy the keyboard as the entire deck assembly. I looked at pricing and it's about $230 for the deck shipped to US, not cheap by any means.

The bonus is that you get the Eclipse Grey deck and Grey keys, so it'll look really nice during everyday usage. I'm debating between dishing out quite a bit for the grey deck, or just painting the deck myself and keeping the white keys.

If anyone decides to do this, make sure you post results to the Zephyrus G14 subreddit so I can see the awesome monster you created.


Oh dang, I didn't read the question right so now my reply looks out of place. But to answer your question, you can order and change the keyboard of the G14 without worrying about compatibility.


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