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Released in May 2020, the 13" MacBook Pro features quad-core Intel 8th generation Core i5 and i7 processors, and Intel Iris Plus 645 integrated graphics. (Model A2289/EMC3456 with two Thunderbolt 3 ports)

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Not calibrated lid angle sensor after repair?


I have a little problem with my MacBook. My logic board broke so authorized service repaired it in warranty and they as well replaced the lid and Touch ID. Now my Mac won’t go to sleep or wake up after closing or opening the lid. I tried to turn on AutoBoot in Terminal but nothing happened. Does the 2020 13” has the same lid angle sensor as the 16” and needs calibration?? Anyway, I’m probably going with my Mac to the service again.. I’m just curious about this problem..

Thanks Adam

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Sorry I haven’t seen one yet, nor has iFixit done a teardown.

In any case you’ll need to go back to get it fixed! Go soon as you don’t have a lot of time. The clock is ticking!

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Are any changes here? How to calibrate this stuff?

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Went back to the Store, they changed some cable inside and it is okay now, apart from a fact that they broke half of my keyboard backlight, I don’t have time go back again, so I’m living with it..


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