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The HP Color LaserJet Pro MFP M277dw is a color laser printer with scan and copy functions. It has a model number: B3Q11A

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Why is printer stuck on initializing

Screen is stuck on initializing and printer is no longer accessible from from any of my devices. I’ve tried to power cycle multiple times, as suggested by HP support with no success. I’ve tried resetting memory as some of shown on youtube, also with no success. Great printer and do not want to replace but it is now useless.

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I have the same problem. My M277dw hangs when initializing and also when shutting down. However, I can access the menu via the home button on the display. The printer also no longer prints internal reports.


I fixed the problem: The black toner cardridge CF400X caused the problem. Changing the toner cardridge solved the problem. Putting my defect cardrige in another printer same model caused the problem there.


I had the same problem with my mfp M176n and it turned out to be caused by a switching powersupply for my Linksys repeater on the same wall power outlet. I had to move it away and to a different wall outlet. Seems that the printer is very sensitive to power distortion.......


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By resetting memory do you mean the NVRAM? Did it work in that it reset back to factory settings, but still wasn't accessible? If so, try downloading new printer firmware on a computer and updating the printer using a USB cable, not over a network. Also try removing and adding the printer back to all devices. Finally, if it’s a network printer make sure it’s set up correctly once it’s reset, and possibly try disabling ipv6.

If the NVRAM didn't reset, I would try again:

1) Turn off

2) Hold right arrow while turning on (may also need to hold X, the cancel button)

3) Release when it says permanent storage initialize.

Good luck!

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I had the same problem. One toner Cardridge caused the problem. Please read also my comments.

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