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Apple's fourth-generation smartwatch, with optional cellular connectivity, released September 21, 2018.

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Apple Watch freezing every time

My Apple Watch series 4 freezing every time , sometimes works perfectly for couple of hours

I’m unpairing repairing every time

hard reset can’t resolve this issue

I tried with several iPhones & updated Watch os

still same sometimes Digital Crown stopped working

screen is always freezing how can I fix this

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That sounds like a logic board issue, your best bet may be to try swapping in some parts but if that doesn’t work you might have to buy a new watch.

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Which parts needs to be swap


everything except the logic board


I replaced the screen & new battery still problems persisting


said everything, not just screen and batt


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If you are still having issues, try this.

  1. Force restart the device (hold the crown and power button)
  2. Once the device turns off, let go of both buttons. When the apple logo appears, hold the power button (lower right one) until the erase all content option appears
  3. Follow the prompts and allow the device to reset.
  4. Pair the device again

Hope this helps!!

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I tried several times

It was working for week then goes to freezing again


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