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Portable tablet computer released in July 2017. Has an 8" display , 2GB memory, and 16GB storage. Identified by model number TB-8504F.

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Factory reset protection (frp)


I recently brought broke devices to learn to fix them. This is my first time doing something like that. I brought a lenova tab 4 8 with a cracked screen. I found out that after buying it from a seller, that it has frp. It seems impossible to bypass it but somehow repair stores are able to get pass this issue. I'm thinking of removing the memory chip to reprogram it or replace it, what are your thoughts? Otherwise, any suggestions? I have also already contacted the seller and he does not know the previous email used.

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You can get a safe FRP unlocking experience to your Lenovo Tab 4 8 devices easily and smoothly.

Bypass FRP Lenovo Tab 4 8 TB-8504 Android 8.1 Frp 2021 Without Pc

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