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The Galaxy A20e is a midrange slate Android smartphone released by Samsung in May 2019. Identifiable by model numbers SM-A202F/K.

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Screen Works Until Locking Phone - Unique Issue

The issue is that when the screen is working and I press the power button or the phone locks itself after inactivity, the screen goes black.

Normally this is not an issue becuase I can press the power button to unlock my phone again, but in this case the screen stays black/wont turn on.

The phone is still operating, I can get calls, I can hear notifications, charging the phone works, but the screen just wont turn on.

The only way to make the screen work again is by holding the Volume Down key and Power together, reseting the phone and turning the screen on again. If at any point I lock the phone or it goes inactive, I have to do this again.

I’ve already tried factory resetting my phone. No luck. I’d really appreciate an answer as my phone is important to my work.

Thank you very much.

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Good morning, I have the same problem! Have you managed to resolve yourself?

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