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An economy SUV by Mazda, not the greatest sport utility vehicle in the world, just a Tribute. Made in the USA by Ford Motor Company. Simply a rebadged Ford Escape.

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What size socket do I need to loose the brakes on my Mazda tribute 08?

What size socket do I need to loose my brakes pads on my Mazda tribute 08?

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What kind of tool would I need to take the screws off the brakes of a 2008 Mazda Tribute for the front


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Hi @bri34

A Mazda Tribute is the same as a Ford Escape.

On a 2008 Ford Escape it’s 18mm for the caliper bracket bolts. You need a 9mm Allen key for the caliper slider pins.

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My car uses a star wrench with six points on it to take off the brake caliper and I noticed they go by like T25 T30 T45 t50 which one do I need for my 2008 Mazda Tribute


It's more of like a hex head not a allen wrench



Here's a link that may help with regard to Torx sizes and mm.


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