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7" multimedia tablet by Barnes & Noble, released in November of 2011. Fixes are easy and require simple prying tools and screwdrivers.

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NOOK BNTV 250 not upgrading from 1.4.3 following Nook instructions

I have Nook BNTV250! I realize it is dated but the battery is great and stays charged. The software level on this device is 1.4.3. In its present state, it will not connect to the internet, although I can get the wireless connected to my router. I looked up on Barnes and Noble what to do and I followed all the directions yet. the upload did nothing to update the Nook. Anyone else have this problem and come up with a solution?

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If you can't connect to the internet then the tablet won't also be able to update either as the update procedure in most tablets just tries to connect to the manufacturer's firmware download server using a preloaded URL address that you don't have to enter.

Connecting to your router at least proves that the WiFi is working

Don't know the tablet but is the date and time on the tablet correct?

With some older Android OS based tablets if the date and time wasn't correct then they wouldn't connect to the internet.

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Discovered the Problem. Nook does not offer 1.4.4 upgrade. It appears to have been available back in 2018 for a brief time. But now is not. And all Nook upgrades for my unit, require 1.4.4 to already be there. (from being installed back in 2018). Appears to be a marketing way to make Nooks that were not updated within the time frame useless! And it worked perfectly for Barnes and Noble! I have tossed the unit.


Hi @Henry Zieman

It should still connect to the internet regardless and not have to be updated to do this.

Presuming that it already had a browser app installed of course


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