"Battery Not Installed" Error, Battery Will Not Charge

I have been repairing / tinkering with old MacBooks during quarantine as a fun little activity, and I have an old laptop question!

I purchased a used Macbook Core 2 Duo machine to play around with. My battery icon on the home screen shows an ‘X’ through it, and in System Profiler shows ‘No Battery Installed’ even when battery is in the computer.

I have done a few SMC resets to no avail, and have reset the computer with the battery out, then re-inserted the battery after it was turned on, and the computer still will not recognize the battery. Placing slight pressure on the charging pins with a screwdriver did not help either.

The MagSafe adapter is brand new and verified working. The MagSafe input is clean and working well, with no bent pins. The battery is OEM, brand new, and verified working. The computer works so long as it is connected to the MagSafe adapter, but will immediately turn off once the adapter is disconnected.

While I was inserting the battery (with the computer on) I noticed that the MagSafe adapter light (and the battery charge indicator) would briefly flash amber and green respectively if I applied pressure to the battery and held it at a certain angle. This leads me to believe that the likely problem is the connector (that hooks in to the logic board) itself. I am wondering if anyone has attempted this repair or if there are available guides on it; I have looked all over iFixit and have not seen anything that specifically addresses (what I believe to be) a loose fit of the charging components.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!

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