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Repair guides and support for the fifth-generation Century, a series of front-wheel drive coupes and sedans manufactured by Buick.

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How do I tighten flywheel on my 92 buick century special?

How do I tighten flywheel bolts on my 92 century?

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Why do you think they need tightened?

The flywheel is located between the engine and transmission. You’ll have to Pull one or the other to get to those particular bolts.


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I'm assuming that you are getting a rattle at idle or at some range of rpm? Also the flywheel bolts you're referring to would be the ones connecting the torque converter to the flywheel? Most cars have a cover plate at bottom of the transmission next to engine (inspection plate). You'll be able to see those bolts once its removed. However! If they have been loose, they WILL elongate the hole on flywheel. Tightening them usually doesn't last very long. If that is the case then only option is to pull transmission and replace the flywheel.

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