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Why does onkyo CP1100-A turntable keep running when plugged in?

Why does my onkyo CP1100-A turntable keep running when plugged in ?

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Can you provide more information about how the turntable is switched off or on. Are to you saying that the unit is plugged in but the turntable is switched off but the motor is still running?


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Hi @moose1948 ,

Here’s a composite image taken from the Onkyo CP1100-A SM showing the auto shutoff switch adjustment procedure and also where the switch is in relation to the circuit wiring.

Block Image

(click on image to enlarge for better viewing)

If the adjustment seems to be OK, then check that the switch is released, when the tonearm is in the home position by disconnecting the power to the turntable and using an Ohmmeter to check that the switch has released and that there is an open circuit and not a short circuit when measuring between the switch connections.

If the switch tests short circuit all the time then also check the 0.047uF capacitor connected around it that it is not short circuit and it is not the switch that is faulty.

If it is the switch that is short circuit then also check that the capacitor is not open circuit.

It is there to prevent switch contact material migration (see image in link) shorting out the switch contacts. This is caused by the current arcing across the switch contacts when the switch releases and should be absorbed by the capacitor if it was OK and not open circuit. Might be difficult to see if the switch contacts are fully enclosed though.

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