MacBook reboots during installation OS

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My system has been showing some problems for a few weeks now.  Hopefully you can give me insight into the problem.

My MacBook Pro stopped working regularly.  Now looking up the problem I didn't get any wiser. Tried replacing RAM, new battery, installed SSD.  But the system keeps shutting down.  Now I have tried reinstalling the OS but it has only gotten worse.

Installing the OS was successful.  This was a fresh install. I then restored everything via TimeMachine.  Then the problems started again.  During the installation, the appliance failed and restarted with the message that something went wrong.

The first time that the installation of the OS was successful, I had the battery out of the system.  No idea whether this affects the failure of the system or not.

 Get started: At start-up I get a kind of "prohibition sign". (Edit: doesn’t show this anymore)

Via CMD-R I proceed to do a fresh installation of the OS High Sierra.  I was able to put this on a USB.  When the installation takes 5 minutes, the laptop shuts down and restarts.  I've tried installing the OS several times but it always drops out.

Also the same during the restore with TimeMachine.  After a few minutes 5-10 the unit will shut down.

 Anyone an idea what the problem is or what else I can try?

Thank you for your feedback.

Edit: just put some new thermal paste on the heat sink. Went well but it didn’t solve the problem of the reboot.

Update (01/17/2021)

3 minutes to go on the installation of High Sierra and it just reboots.

Tried the installation via the internet. Also tried installing it on an external HDD, dame problem.

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Let’s get a better view of things, install this gem of an app! CoconutBattery take a snapshot of the apps main window and post it here for us to see Adding images to an existing question

In addition let's try running diagnostics: Finding Hardware Faults: Exploring AHT & Apple Diagnostics Did any errors show up?


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