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The Razer Kishi is a universal mobile gaming controller that fits most smartphone devices, designed to bring console-level control to your on-the-go gaming. It was released in June, 2020.

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Specs on the "button covers" (tactile domes)?

I am looking to replace/fix the D-pad and XYAB buttons so that they are less mushy. Is there any information about how these could be “fixed” with aftermarket components to make the buttons less mushy?

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Hi Jeff,

we have a guide in the making for replacing the D-pad. It should be live soon.

There you’ll be able to see the build of the D-pad and can experiment with different “mods” to it.

In the meantime you could bend the metal spring that pushes the pad back up to your liking or you might want to add a thin extra layer between the pad and its rubber part so the connectors on the rubber part make contact with less travel.

Good luck with finding the sweet spot and think about sharing any findings for others to learn and improve their gamepad from.

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Looking forward to your D-pad guide!


I guess you’ve already checked it out. If not, here is the D-Pad guide:

Razer Kishi Direction Pad Replacement


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