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Repair guides and information for the Nintendo Switch Joy-Con controllers.

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How do I reattatch a joycon rail

so i broke off my right joycon rail and have no modding experiance

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Depending on how you broke it you might be able to but it back on. Is it possible you can attach a photo of the joycon?


same problem here. are the two flat cables from the rail intact like mine are?


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Depends how it’s broken. Did you drop it? Or pull it? If the rail is still intact, you have to carefully open the Joycon, put it back and close it. For that you’ll need absolutely a TriWing (Y head) screwdriver.

If the rail is broken, you’ll need a new one.

Same thing if it’s the rail on the Switch’s side.

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How do I put it back in?


@Tgw Gaming We can't give you an answer without knowing just what's broken. Is it the rail on the joycon, or the rail on the Switch?


The rail on the joy con


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