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27" display with 2560 x 1440 pixels resolution Thunderbolt & MagSafe cable attachments

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Flickering screen hardware or software?

The screen was intermittently flickering and gradually died on me. I replaced the magsafe (and thunderbolt) cables within the system with your guidance. Now it does not seem to die on me anymore, and the flickering changed to random short flickering (one or two times short). Do you think i still have a hardware issue or is it a software issue (all software up to date, incl the firmware of the thunderbolt display), done SMC and NVRAM resets, etc. If it is a hardware issue, what can i still replace (logic board)?


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Check your cable and systems connectors are they clean?

It would be helpful seeing a short vid of the problem so we can see it Adding images to an existing question


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This is definitely a hardware issue, however it could be any of:

  • A problem with the display
  • A problem with the cables
  • A problem with the Thunderbolt-out from the computer

Start with the easiest/cheapest to check, then move on. Try manipulating the cable when it is connected to see if it exacerbates the issue or, as @Danj said, try a different cable (In case your replacement cable was defective as well). You don’t need to buy the official cable until you have troubleshot the issue. The official one is just a normal thunderbolt cable with a power-side chain. If you have any other known-good cable, you can test the function with it before buying yet another replacement.

If you have another computer to test with that display, or another display to test with that computer, it would help to rapidly narrow things down.

FWIW, I have worked on several thunderbolt displays and I have only encountered 2 issues:

# Broken glass

# Bad cable

Replacement cables can be found in various places, including Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/Odyson-All-One-Re...

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If the cable is not the issue, I can say that issue reminds me of power-supply issues. The way it works for a while, then drops out and flashes back on happens with some monitors/TV's when they have bad capacitors in their power drivers.


i already replaced the cables as stated, so i have to rule out cable issues (?). so reading all suggestions, the display board should be ok, but the power board maybe at fault. Is that a good step forward?


I can't rule out the display board, but it is best to start with checking supply circuits and looking for failed capacitors. Not always, but usually display board issues result in image corruptions. What you are experiencing looks more like either the input flickering or the backlight loosing power for a moment. (You can confirm using a flashlight, but it's so quick it may be difficult). If you reflect a flashlight off the screen, you can see if the LCD maintains image when the display goes dark.


@geekittogether i have some additional photos included. it looks like the backlight looses power. can you judge?


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I have used a thunderbolt cable connected to the port instead of the built in cable and this solved it for me. I am now sure that my flickering was caused by the cable.

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Try changing the video driver back to an older version

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I think i found the previous drivers, but i can not find the steps to download an older firmware version to the display. Can you help out?


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