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Machine-readable instructions that direct computer processors

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iFixit Forums backend software?

I’ve seen a lot of forums in my time, from old GeoCitoes~esq BBS forums with Gif signatures, to Apple’s own communities (dev/consumer), to open source smarty pants options like Discourse.

But this one in use by iFixIt is one of the most conscience visual experiences that I’ve had. It’s like Pixelmator’s own efforts, but cleaner on portable devices.

Is this a proprietary system ?

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I don't know much about website design, but iFixit does have some available documentation for their API. https://www.ifixit.com/api/2.0/doc It might also be useful to dive into the source code of a forum page to investigate.


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The iFixit team built Dozuki which is what iFixit runs on.

Another very powerful client-server application system is HCL Domino which is the current version of Lotus Notes/Domino product We're So Sorry Uncle Albert: The Future of Lotus Notes/Domino IBM trash it with mismanagement! I’m hoping the HCL group will dust it off and give it a new lease of life! It was a very powerful platform!

Many of the concepts of HTML is based on the Notes object container model.

The Dozuki is a much lighter framework than Domino/Notes. Both are based on XML structures.

Each has their place! Depending on what your needs are.

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