After changing the digitizer on Apple Watch 4 touch don't respond

Hello, After changing glass and digitizer on Apple watch series 4 40mm, the touch screen don’t respond.I thought the purchased digitizer did not work so I re-installed the new digitizer but it still does not work.I think the connecting cables were not damaged during the repair. any solutions? Does changing the display flex cable help this problem?This is a picture of the digitizers I bought

Block Image

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Hi, this might sound silly but did you restart the watch? Sometimes a cheeky restart will fix it


@pomikoli sure, i tried thousand times but didn't help


haven't done one

however do they have a seperate screen and digitiser

and I'm guessing you replaced the screen ?

try cleaning the connectors with alcohol?


@golde They have only glass and digitizer together, no i dont replace lcd screen. i replaced only digitizer.


@atmx does the old digitizer work

if it does it could be paired to the device


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