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Nintendo handheld device released February 2011, identified by model number CTR-001.

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Why is the sd card keep saying write protection

So I recently bought a 32gb sd card for my nephews 3DS and yet it won’t run the game I bought for him. The 3DS keeps saying “Write-protection is enabled on the SD card. The software on the SD card cannot be displayed” and I know about the slider yet I turn it off and it says write protection is still on but, when I pull it out the slider is still saying the write protection is still on. I have my own 2DS and the SD card is still working so my mind is all over the place.

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Hi, when you insert the sd card into your 3DS with the slider in OFF position and later on pull out the Sd card, the slider will be back in ON position?


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When the SD Card shows that write protection is on in both ON and OFF position of the slider, it means that your SD Card reached it’s read/write resource, with other words - it died, and you have to get a replacement. Where did you buy the SD Card from?

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