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Part of Google's third generation of Pixel phones, the 3a is a budget-minded option with the same camera as Google's flagships. Available in Clearly White, Just Black, or Purple-ish. Released May 2019.

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Help with screen replacement adhesive

I have bought a replacement screen for my pixel 3a to change out my current, broken, one. The screen did not include any type of adhesive. I’ve seen multiple options online, for example the ifixit kit comes with either a custom cut out adhesive or tesa tape, I’ve also seen that some kits ship with some type of glue. What is my best option to re attach the screen?

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Glueing it in is going to make it very difficult when it’s time to change the battery.

I’d use some adhesive strips like these:

[связанный продукт отсутствует или отключен: IF180-007]

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Hi Simon,

I would use B-7000 glue, which is a slow drying compound, that allows you to perfectly align your screen after replacement. It also cleans up well, leaving o residue on the screen or frame after assembly.These tubes come with a precision tip, which helps with the accurate application.

Hope it helps!

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