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Here you will find several different repair guides for the Dell Chromebook 11 (CB1C13) - 2GB & 4GB models

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My chromebook makes constant whirring noise.

There is a constant whirring noise coming from the left side of my Chromebook. I thought it may be the fan, but it doesn’t go away even when it has good airflow. Can it be a virus? I noticed other weird things happening, also. Such as the same notification popping up often and 404 Error messages when I type in a Google search

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I have a chormebook and I watch YouTube every night before bed. However, when my chromebook is on, I occasionally hear a buzzing, static-like noise. However, when I put my ear close to the laptop and slowly close it, the noise is gone. I'm not sure why this is happening—perhaps it was left open for too long? I've been told that my fan is malfunctioning, but I'm not sure why my computer is producing this noise. I also sleep with my chormebook on while watching but it turns off later. Sound also comes from the left of chormebook.


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Good airflow just means that the fan is working but it doesn’t mean that the fan isn’t noisy when it is operating.

A whirring sound is more likely to come from it, as it is the only component that is physically moving inside the laptop.

Here’s the ifixit Dell Chromebook 11 CB1C13 Fan Replacement guide that will help you to open the laptop so that the fan can be checked etc.

As regards viruses, even though they can infect the Chrome OS, Google has tried to make it hard for them to cause any problems. Here’s a link that explains what happens. Also this link gives an in depth insight into the Chrome OS and viruses and malware

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