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Backlight flashes very briefly, then stays off.

I got this display used, unfortunately it didn’t work right from the start. The backlight only flashes for a split second when turned on, then stays off.

Other than that the display seems to work fine, the image is definitely there (checked with phone flashlight), so I decided I want to try and fix it if I can.

Taking it apart was easier than I even expected. Unfortunately I couldn’t see any bad components on either of the boards (power supply and logic board, I assume), and I didn’t think to take any pictures at the time. Put it back together for now.

If anyone has experience with this model (or similar ones) and can point me to what exactly to look for that would be appreciated. I saw that other Asus models seem to have problems with the power supply? Where could I get ahold of a new one to try that out?

Edit: Took some pictures:

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

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Hi @atlessa

Here’s an image of the No backlight troubleshooting flowchart taken from the service manual for an Asus VH232H model monitor.

I realize that it is not the same model and that the power boards are slightly different but hopefully it will still be of some help.

Block Image

(click on image to enlarge for better viewing)

Here’s a link to the schematic for the power board for your monitor if you want to get down to component level fault finding. Between the two you may have success in finding the problem

As you said, backlight problems are usually found to be on the power board if the monitor doesn’t have a separate inverter board to produce the power necessary for the backlights.

According to this supplier the Asus part number for the power board for your model is 04G550346060. Search online using the part number only to get results for suppliers. I think that the unavailable as shown by the supplier linked above just means that they haven’t got any or can’t get any as there are other suppliers online that have them in stock.

Alternatively search for 715G2824-4-5 (this is the board number of the power board - see your last image) as it gives more results

Check that the board that you order has the identical board number as your original or verify with the seller that it is compatible with your exact model. The same power board can be used by different manufacturers as they are made by specialist board manufacturers and just used by the monitor manufacturer and may be slightly modified by them to suit their particular requirements but may still work OK in different models.

You could also simply search for Asus VH232T power board but this is more problematic as a lot just state HV232 and not the specific model variant. Again just check the board number against the original or get the seller to verify before buying that it is compatible.

If the seller has images sometimes you can zoom in and see the board number (if they’re showing the board they’re selling and not that it is just an image of a similar board that is)

caveat emptor ;-)

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So my replacement Power Supply finally arrived, and it works fine.

Except... the problem persists. So it wasn't the PSU.

Unfortunately I don't have the tools to check any of the components and as such am ready to write this off as a loss (maybe keep for spares as I have the same one twice now), but if you can think of anything else I could try I'm all ears?


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