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Guides and repair information for devices that scan and save images, but do not print.

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My ScanSnap ix500 needs new feed and exit rollers.

I can buy the rollers from Fujitsu, but they will not give me the instructions on how to disassemble and reassemble the machine to replace them. These are the small gold rollers, not the large grey rollers. If anyone has done this, please let me know how you did it.

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I found this solution online.

Fujitsu ScanSnap Melted Exit Roller Solution!!!! Save your scanner! fi-5110E0X2

Posted by***billspiegel2***on Jun 27th, 2018 at 8:24 PM

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After fighting with my scanner for months looking for a solution to melted exit rollers I have found a solution.  Fujitsu says the exit rollers are non-serviceable and the cost to have the unit dissasembled and replace the exit rollers is cost prohibitive.  I looked and looked for a solution.  After trying electrical tape over the melted rollers (which did not work, jammed paper during feed by not advancing them evenly and binding the unit, or just not feeding the papers) and just as I was about to purchase the sevice manual so I could break down the unit with a chance of reassembling it, (the only reason I didnt purchase the manual was the website wouldn't complete the sale.......)  I tried an alternative solution that worked!!!!!  I had previously replaced all of the consumable parts to no avail.


Using a razor blade cut the melted roller lengthwise down to the metal shaft, then remove the melted roller piece by piece. (This process took a little while, using a thin needle nose pliers and small flathead screwdriver, I was able to remove all of the melted roller.  I then cleaned the metal shaft and cavities with rubbing alcohol and allowed to dry.)  I removed both melted rollers.  I purchased new rollers on Amazon, package of 4 for about $12.  I then took 2 of the rollers and using the same razor blade cut lengthwise down one side of the roller.  I then pressed the roller over the metal shaft and in place of the melted roller.  That left the roller with a 1/8 in gap because the metal shaft is larger than the inside diameter of the roller.  I then advanced the roller 1/2 way by pressing and holding the power button and pressing the scan button.(This advances the roller with the front opened.  Once half way around, I installed the second roller in the same manner.  The scanner now works 100%, doesn't misfeed papers, and doesn't advance them unevenly to cause a jam any longer.  This solution kept me from having to buy a new scanner, has been working for over a month, and I just wanted to post this to help someone out that might have been having the same problem I was.  Best of luck, happy scanning! Save MONEY!!!

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Hi, great to see your solution, I have the same problem, can you show me the amazon page? Or keywords? I can't find the roller product, thank you very much.


Look for exit rollers for whatever your model number is. Mine is an ix500 and this is the one I am buying OKLILI 1SET X PA03656-K976 PA03656-K975 Scanner Feed Exit Roller Tire Set Compatible with Fujitsu ix5…


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I have a very similar problem with my ScanSnap S1500M. Those little gold-colored rollers seem to be silicone and mine were/are deteriorating. Fujitsu Tech told me they did not supply the silicone rollers to customers; that it would cost more to send them them machine to replace them than to buy a new model. So, I used needle-nosed pliers to pull these off the bars in small bits (yes, they're that bad) in hopes I would learn that the machine can still scan without them.

And actually, it can! However, I need to truly complete the job of removing the deteriorated silicone from the bars - I got most of it but not all and what's left is leaving sticky residue on some of the pages I try to scan which causes a paper jam. I've been lucky with this scanner - 10 years of ownership and 9 of those in a humid climate. It's no longer supported by Fujitsu and I have to use it with an older version of macOS (High Sierra). My work-around for that is to store all my scans in iCloud so that I can scan using the old macOS on my antique desktop but then I access the docs via my newer laptop that uses macOS Big Sur. It's cumbersome but it works.

Now, back to getting the rest of that silicone stuff off...

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Hi @towanda,

Try using Isopropyl Alcohol 99%+ (available a electronics parts stores) to soften and remove the sticky silicone residue that is left on the rollers.

IPA usually removes most adhesives. You may have to apply it a few times as it does evaporate quickly.


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I totally removed the one as the other still seems to be in good condition and the machine Fujitsu S1500 works fine

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how did you remove?


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