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The Sony VAIO PCG-3E2L comes standard with Windows Vista Home Premium, touch sensor A/V controls, and has a glossy white color. Alternate model number: Sony VAIO VGN-CS215J.

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Is there a guide on how to remove the speakers?

I have tried once to remove the speakers, but it wasn’t that easy to. Tried by the front, although ended up realizing that i was doing it wrongfully

If there is someone that can help me or recommend a guide i would be very grateful.

(I tried using a VGN Cxx Series guide, but found it to be very different from the VGN CS215J)

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Hi @allg ,

Assuming that the laptop is a Sony Vaio VGN CS215J, here’s a video that may help.

It doesn’t show how to remove the speakers but it does show how to access the motherboard. After that you may just have to work out how to remove the speakers.

Hopefully this is of some help.

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