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Model M6497 or A1005 / 500, 600, 700, 800, or 900 MHz G3 processor

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Troubleshooting a dead unit

Hi there, bought an untested one of these hoping to get it going again. Not sure if these models are supposed to have a charging indicator light, but there is none. No power when started. PMU/PRAM reset does nothing. Have tried to start the machine with the battery, AirPort card, and RAM all disconnected, and with two different AC adapters - machine still shows no signs of life.

Am not an EE and fairly inexperienced with diagnosing power issues. I haven’t opened up the unit to inspect the DC-in board but I have tested the battery pins with the machine plugged in. Each battery pin will read between 0.3-0.6v so there’s clearly power getting through the machine but no fan spin.

I have a few different ideas from here but I’d like to know which one makes the most sense. I don’t think the DC-in board is bad if power is getting to other parts of the machine, but I think I should open the machine up to inspect for blown capacitors or other noticeable damage and check the voltage regardless. I’ve read various materials about the PRAM capacitor dying and preventing the machine from booting. I was also thinking it is possible the power button mechanism could be faulty. These machines should boot entirely off AC power, right? Please let me know if there’s anything I might be overlooking or something I can do to determine the no power fault on this board. Thanks!

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What does the onboard Battery checker tell you? Are all four LED’s lit when you press the checker button.

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I would start there.

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Battery light remains completely off regardless of whether AC power is connected. Have left the device charging for 1+ hour, come back and I press the button with zero LED response. Does this particular machine not boot off AC power alone? Thanks!


@Shalen Bennett - Yes & No

Without a working battery you have no means to keep the system running. Time to get a good battery

Here's a cheap one: Apple iBook G3 12 M7698LL/A Laptop Battery BB-191227


@danj I figured even without a battery installed, the device should run off AC power but I may be mistaken. By "no means to keep the system running", you effectively mean I am unable to power up the machine with just the AC adapter, correct? My clamshell iBooks and my G4 iBooks boot and run without a battery installed, so I guess there may be something different about this specific model?


@Shalen Bennett We ran the toilet seat (clamshell) G3 with no/dead batteries in summer school - just couldn't move the things. Is the Snow G3 somehow different @danj?


It's all about the PRAM! This series uses a super Cap to hold the settings when you swap over the battery otherwise the needed power is from the main battery. If the PRAM gets corrupted from loss of power it can be hard to trouble shoot.

The other factor is without a good battery you don't know if the system is working or if the charger is not.


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