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My back light is not working!need help!

so i bought a mac book pro from family because it was not working and i wanted to see if i can fix it, this is my first computer fix but i think that i can do it with a little intell. so i got a charger can charge did up and did a Shift+Control+Option+Power reboot i can heard the logo sound but it was still black so i got a strong flash light and i saw the icons for the account. i think it is a fuse on the logic board. but i am not really sure. well i am stuck any ideas i am 15 and sorta new to this stuff

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I would first inspect things as often times the display connector on the logic board gets wet when shorts out and/or has corrosion.

Follow this guide MacBook Pro 15" Unibody Mid 2010 Display Replacement Follow it to Step 6 then jump to Step 15 carefully sliding out the cable connector and then check the connections both cable and logic board

Block Image

Use a soft tooth brush or cotton swab (Q-Tip) and 70% or better isopropyl alcohol to wipe down the surfaces. You may need a fresh pink pencil eraser to remove any tarnish on the cable connector surface.

Beyond that you will need to find someone with the deeper skills to micro-solder and has the needed tools as well as access to the parts to fix your system.

For now you can still use your system by plugging in an external monitor.

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thanks so yesterday a friend came over to give me a new screen with all the cables and ever thing because the old one has bin dent badly ( he also works on computers.) when i was replacing the screen the display connector (pin?) was bent badly so we continued to replace the screen and he help me. when i finshed it still did not work!!! i think is the mother bored , i think that the mother bored or the chip is not telling the back liht to ture on any ideas??


@mmmm_cookies - If the connector pins are damaged that would be a problem! But I have no way of 'seeing' things without a good clear image of the area in question Adding images to an existing question


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