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A single pass flatbed scanner with USB interface.

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What are the specs for the power adaptor for Mustek 1200 CU

I lost my power adapter for Mustek 1200 CU flat bed scanner 80-063-04010. Would appreciate if there is an available photo of the adapter too.

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Here is the photo of the original power cord plug of the Mustek 1200CU Scanner

DVE “DV-1280UP” -

INPUT: 230V ~ 50 Hz 0.09 A

OUPUT: 12V= 800mA 9.6VA

Block Image

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Thank you very much for answering my question and indicating the important details. Very helpful. I hope I can find a replacement here in our area so I can put the unit into use. :-)


Would you know what is the connector or tip size of the DC plug of the original power cord plug for Mustek 1200 CU? The photo does not include the connector tip. Thank you.


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@brgob this scanner should actually be powered through a USB port. You can always use something like a 5V 2.4A USB power adapter and connect that via a USB==>>USB mini-B port cable. Post some pictures with your QUESTION of what your power cord plug on the scanner looks like. It should be a mini-B port.

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thank you for your reply. I can not attach a photo of he power cord because that is precisely what my question was - as I said, I lost the power adaptor for the scanner unit and that is why I was asking for the specifications so I can look for a compatible replacement. Actually, the scanner was a hand me down from my brother and I just discovered that the power cord or adaptor was missing. Thank you again.


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