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A 64.52" LED 2160p 4K UHD Television released in 2015.

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Splashed water on my tv last night should I try to dry it out?

I split a little bit of water on my screen now only half my tv works its split right down the middle. should I pull it apart and dry it with a blow dryer or just leave it and see if it dries and looks better? What do u guys think it could be ? I took a pic of what it looks like so check it out.

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Here is what the screen looks like the day after I wet it With water ..what should I do help me out please..thanks


@hinchr12 there is no picture posted?


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hinchr we need to see what this all looks like. To properly add pictures you must add it to your existing QUESTION. Follow this guide Adding images to an existing question

Do not let it dry since that will cause further trouble due to corrosion damage. What needs to be done is that you remove the back from your TV and visually check the board for corrosion of the components. From what you describe there is the possibility that this error is your LCD panel, T-Con board or even the power board. It all will depend on what these boards all look like, where the water entered your tv as well as other factors. So pictures will be important as well as you verifying that your TV is a Vizio P65-C1

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with liquid damage there is a 50-50-90 percent chance your device will work again if you properly take it apart and clean it.

but yes i would recommend not using the TV anymore until you can get into it and inspect all the components. im sure youll need tools. probably the normal stuff, screw drivers, maybe a spudger or 2 a multimeter (maybe) and something to qtips and alcohol.

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