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The DuraForce PRO is a Verizon rugged smartphone released in October 2016, that is built to be water/dustproof and screen shatterproof. This phone also has a removable battery (note that removal of battery will void the warranty) and many other parts. Model numbers: E6810.

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Updated with pics, what typ of bit fits screws on front speaker grill?

Kyocera Dura Force Pro 2, there are 2 screws below screen holding metal speaker grill to phone. They are a security bit of sum type, but I can't find a driver bit to fit them. Judging by the cap this bit is probably going to look like a socket more than a driver bit. There is a small gap that a thin walled socket could fit (maybe). I've bought every micro driver bit set I could find. Everything from jewelry repair to gunsmithing & no luck. Maybe a proper name of cap screw would help. Thanks for looking, any educated answers are appreciated.

Block Image

Block Image

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@h8ermaker post some good pictures of those screws with your QUESTION Adding images to an existing question


@h8ermaker don't you just hate it when they use proprietary screws like this to keep us out? Anyhow, your image is still a bit hard to make out. Looks like some kind of triangular inside and I see one notch on the outside. Are there three notches on the outside or just the one that is visible?


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Here are the guides for working on this. Please post a photo of the screws so we can identify them

Kyocera DuraForce PRO

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I have the Pro2 which differs a bit. I added sum pics as suggested, I'm just trying to gain access behind metal to clear away debris that is muffling microphone. Thx for your reply though I appreciate it.


@h8ermaker did you get it? was it just a standard Y triwing screw?


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