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The Samsung Galaxy A10e is a lower-mid range Android device released by Samsung in February 2019. Identifiable by model numbers SM-A102(U, U1, W, or DL).

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Not turning on after water

Hello! I have a Samsung galaxy a-10e here that got drowned in a pool. It dried out, and I took out the boards, scrubbed them in 70% isopropyl alcohol, and dried it using a blow drier. When I plug it in, the flashlight comes on, but nothing else. Anyone know what I can do to fix that? And I should get 99.9 percent right?

edit: I just ordered an ultrasonic cleaner and that’s on the way

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Hi @apple_fixnoah ,

Did you remove any shields that are covering some components, you didn’t say? Water may have got in under there as well.

It also might depend on what other additives were in with the 70% IPA and whether or not they leave conductive residues when dry.

99+% IPA is definitely the better option if possible.

In the interim it may be best to not attempt to charge it or to turn it on and to disconnect the battery from the systemboard and wait until the ultrasonic cleaner arrives and use it and then check.

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I left the shields on and it did the flashlight before I soaked it in ipa and brushed it. I posted this a bit ago but I deleted it a d reposted it because no one saw it. I have the ultrasonic cleaner but I will try to use 99.9 ipa.


Hi @apple_fixnoah ,

If you have already used the ultrasonic cleaner then I don't think that 99+% IPA will be of much more help, component damage may already have occurred.

You may have to use the schematic and see if they help to track the problem.

I haven't tried the link to see what happens when trying to download. I found it by searching for "Samsung A10e schematics" in the hope that there was one available as to me it may be the best option to use it to find out what's wrong.


Do you think there’s a short? Because I can’t do microsoldering



I don't know.

I suppose you could try disconnecting the screen from the systemboard and then try starting it and check what happens. It could be if there is a problem with the screen that it could be dragging the voltage down so that the phone doesn't operate properly on startup.

If still no good then at least you've proved that the screen is not the cause.

Other than that you may have to take it to a reputable, professional repairer as most probably components will have to be removed to ascertain where the problem is.


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