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Harley-Davidson Sportster Motorcycles from 1986 to Present.

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Battery is new but not charging while driving.

My 1991 harley davidson softail has a brand new battery installed and i keep having to jump it to get it to start. I tested the voltage while it was running and it sits at 12.5 12.6 and doesnt go higher. Does anyone know what this may be from?

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Hi @alpinemom1,

Could be a faulty voltage regulator.

With the engine running it seems as though you’re measuring the battery voltage and not the regulator output voltage to the battery.

Check the regulator lead output as there should be approx. 13.8-14V. (minimum required to properly charge a 12V battery)

If not with the engine stopped, unplug the voltage regulator and test each of the stator contacts to ground. If the stator isn’t shorted to ground, check for continuity between the stator contacts.

If OK you may have to check the AC voltage to the regulator, with the engine running I think it is >35V

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Régulateur de courant pour moi c'étais ça.

Update (01/02/24)

Et j'ai eu un problème avec le stator sa coute un peut plus cher.

Current regulator for me that was it.

And I had a problem with the stator, it cost a little more.

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