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The Asus Tuf Gaming FX505GT Is A 15.6 Inch Laptop With A Intel Core i5 9300H And A GeForce GTX 1650. It has Windows 10 and was made by Asus in 2018.

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How can I fix the screen fitting issue?

So basically the mechanism from where the dislplay and laptop is connected , makes noise on opening and closing, and its also sort of loose so how can i open it and tighten it?

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Hey Pratham,

Not a very clear question, but if I understand correctly you are having trouble with the area around the hinges. If that is the case you are going to want to tear it apart, generally by taking out the screws in the back of the laptop. Then use a spudger or old credit card to pry off the back. Not sure about this brand specifically, but you may then be able to pry up the front. You should be able to see by the hinges and get at your issue.

Hope this helps!

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