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Представленный 3-его марта 20 17 г. Nintendo Switch- это портативная приставка, способная устанавливаться в док-станцию и выводить картинку на TV

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Nintendo switch left joystick keeps registering movement

sorry for poor quality had to use a webcam but thats basically the issue

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Hi, i would suggest reading some of the articles on here about Switch JoyCon drift. You may be able to solve the issue there. Unfortuantely Nintendo doesn’t want to address a known issue with their product but the guys here at ifixit have done numerous articles and guides on nintendo switch issues

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Hi @benti,

@nybblelynx is right, unfortunately for you. You’ve got the drift. There are a lot of articles online about different ways to fix it, but we just published an article a few days ago that has the only real solution- just have to replace it. I’ve replaced the joysticks to different left joy-con controllers, using this guide: Left Joy-Con Joystick Replacement. It took some patience, but it wasn’t terribly difficult. We also sell the individual part or a full kit to replace it.

Hopefully this helps you out and isn’t too much of an information overload!

Happy fixing!

Nintendo Switch Joy-Con/Switch Lite Joystick Изображение


Nintendo Switch Joy-Con/Switch Lite Joystick


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