Are these voltages correct? (motherboard diagnose 820-3437-B)

I’m new to motherboard diagnoses and need some help on this. I’ve got a motherboard with part no. 820-3437-B from a A1466. No power, no LEDs.

I’ve got the battery disconnected, charger connected. Red probe on PPDCIN_G3H. In the attachment you see the voltages I’m getting from the pins that my black probe connects to.

I’m getting very small voltages (3mV) on the poles where ppdcin_g3h should connect to according to boardview, but significantly more voltage (9.9V) to the opposite pole as you can see.

Anyway I have two questions:

  1. Are these voltage good?
  2. How the !&&* am I supposed to know how much V should be on these respective paths anyway?

Block Image

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