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I need to find bios admin password (dell precision m3800)


I have Dell Precision M3800 Laptop and I need Admin BIOS password for this laptop.

That password blocks almost everything in BIOS. I tried few times un-plugging CMOS Battery and holding or pressing power button, command prompt lines, but completely nothing works.

Service tag is: CD0YX52
Express Service Code is 26909077574

If you can help me with that i will be very grateful,

Thank You


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Hey Mariusz,

I would think removing the CMOS battery for a period of time would do the trick. I know you stated you have done this, but have you left it completely unplugged for 30 minutes with the battery out? The capacitors on the board can still hold a charge for a while, storing the password for as long as they have a charge. Once they are drained it should remove that password.

In some cases Dell has a ‘backdoor’ password that is just the word Dell (with a capital D)

Hope this helps!

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I know that :) I unplugged RTC jack from socket for 30 min also with main battery unplugged, only BIOS Date was restarted, nothing else happened - as far as I checked on Dell website - Admin password is in some NVRAM chip (non-volatile), so even without power it keeps password after unplugging bios battery.

However - maybe this RTC jack only restarts Real-time clock itself (that explains date restart), not whole BIOS - It's a small white plug with red and black wire, don't know where is it going :)

Tried that Dell password, didn't worked either.

Anyway thanks for answer :)



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