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Volume going down without pressing the button!

Hi guys I’ve had my trusty ipod 1st gen for nearly 12 years and it is finally starting to give me problems….

Firstly the power button stopped working but that suddenly started working again for no reason. I was just using the little gestures button to lock the screen and keeping it charged up.

I got a new pair of cheap earphones and they worked great first couple of times. Today the volume just started going down without me pressing anything, as soon as you hit play it goes right down and even when you try and put the volume back up it goes down automatically.

Ive re-syned it with itunes and that seems to have sorted it but who knows for how long! The Apple Store said they dont service this model anymore… Any thoughts?

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I think you have a faulty power/volume button ribbon cable.


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I had a similar problem with a 4th gen iPod Touch, and it went away after rebooting the iPod by holding the power button and home button for a few seconds.

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