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Fix your 5G Edition Samsung Galaxy S10 smartphone with these replacement part DIY repair guides.

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Need to replace back cracked glass and earpiece speaker rattle

There is little to no support for the galaxy s10 5g unfortunately which is sad to see. No description needed as the title says it all.

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Network in the back glass


Hamza, is there a question in there? It may be a failure in translation, but I have no idea what you're asking.


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Hi @zya ,

Here’s a teardown video for a Samsung S10 5G that may help.

There are a few different model number variants for the phone e.g. SM-977N, SM-977U, SM-977B just to name some, but I assume that the back cover is most probably the same size for each model although it may be a different colour. e.g the part numbers for the back covers for a SM-977B are GH82-19500A crown silver and GH82-19500B majestic black. The earpiece is part #3001-002852

Search online for Samsung (insert model number) back cover (or parts), to get results for suppliers that suit you best.

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