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Repair and service information for Western Digital Elements external storage drives.

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Hard Drive not showing up

My 1TB WD hard drive is taking too long to show up on my Windows 10, it's been 30mintues. Last night I was trying to move some files in order to make it work faster because some files were not opening and the window was getting shut again and again. While transferring my system hanged so I unplugged the drive without safety ejection. This happened multiple times, now my hard drive is not showing up at all.

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Read this:

WD External Hard drive isn't accesible

or take my word for it…

You may be stuck with whatever services WD may offer to recover your data. In future: There are many cheap usb 3.0 enclosures for any standard sata drive of your choice. Such a device will be far more reliable than anything marketed under the name you have posted this question under.

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