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Black Screen at startup

I just bought and installed a logic board in my Ibook G4 12" 1.33 GHz . The Ibook booted to the Apple logo with that spinning wheel and after a while it goes to a black screen with a frozen arrow in the center of the screen. The caps lock and number lock lights comes on when pressed but the track pad wont move the arrow in the center of this black screen . I need some help asap ,I am stuck. Thanks.

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I would double check all the logic board connections et pay special attention to the hard drive connector that must be pressed all the way down in its linear socket. Make sure that the bluethoot/airport card is well seated in the logic board. Don't clip the top case to the bottom case before completing internal verifications. Only connect the power button connector (blue & white wires) the its socket and try to power up the system.

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I tried everything mentioned and still got a blank screen. I tried command +"s'" and entered help but I don't understand the help codes that popped up . I am gonna need more help with this problem ,thanks.


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