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Repair for Care Bear stuffed animals.

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Replacing eyes and nose

So we have an original light purple share bear/care bear.

our small dog got a hold of it and ripped out the eyes and nose. Unfortunately I did not save them. Wanting to repair the bear for my now 24 y/o to surprise her that I restored it. Do you have parts?

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Tara Thom what a beautiful thing to do. Awesome!!! Wish I could tell you that iFixit has the body parts needed for this repair but it does not look like it. I would suggest that you contact the people on here and see if they can help you out. Or you could check through the kits shown here and see if you can match the missing pieces. Let us know how it works out and post some pictures with your QUESTION after it’s done. Adding images to an existing question

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Thank you so much…oldturkey03!!!!

I love your resources and will look into those!

Yes she will be surprised and is very nostalgic with OG anything! Hoping to get it restored for her birthday in December. Loved your prompt reply with varied and numerous links!!


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