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A 10.1" Android Internet tablet released in 2014 by NuVision. Its key features include 1280 x 800 Display, WiFi, Bluetooth®, micro USB, mini HD, headphone jack and two cameras.

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My TM1088 has only has 1 gig of space with only 80 mb usable

I have had the Nuvision TM1088 for several years now and rarely use it because of its storage problem. The device has 2 internal storage locations with 1 gig and the other with 10.7 gigs of space. I cannot update or download any apps because all downloads go to the 1 gig location. Is there a way to either combine the storage locations or switch them? I would like to keep tablet because it belonged to a deceased relative.

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Have you tried moving the downloaded apps etc to the SD card? Go to Settings > Apps and tap on a downloaded app and check if there is a Move to SD card option.

Not sure if this would work but you could try updating the tablet to Android Ver. 6.0 (Marshmallow) and then use the adoptable storage feature that was introduced with the Android Ver. 6.0 software release.

Be aware this may not be available in your tablet even if it updates OK.

Also if you decide to try this back up your data to a computer or the cloud before doing it.

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