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Model A1181: 1.83, 2, 2.1, 2.13, 2.16, 2.2, or 2.4 GHz Core 2 Duo processor

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Making a bootable usb for a white MacBook 2008. Nothing working.

Hi all,

This may be covered somewhere, but I wouldn't know how to search it.

I got a nice Macbook for a student. I did all the hardware rebuild, and it's chiming and looking for something to boot to. I have an erased 60gig ssd waiting for an OS.

Thats where I lost it. This unit shipped with OSX Lion. I searched, at least, 50 articles. They all say the same wrong thing. Download Lion OSX, open the dmg, and find supporting files, create boot media (or similar).

This folder does not exist on Lion 7.0 to Lion 7.04. It isn't there. Another group says restore to a USB from the dmg file, fails every time. Restore from image to USB. Fail.

Out of ideas, even tried OSX disk maker, fails. I am trying to make this from the latest OS, Monterey. All I get is failures. I even tried creating a dvd, fails.

What's the magic combination, please? I give up after 2 weeks of trying. Thanks.


Update (12/05/2021)

Block Image

No Shared Resources Folder.

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Lets first deal with the SSD you’ve installed make sure it is able to run at SATA I (1.5 Gb/s) many of todays SSD's are fixed speed SATA III (6.0 Gb/s) which is too fast for your system. There ae a few auto sense drives still on the market like Samsung 870 EVO Make sure your SSD clearly states on the interface line 1.5 Gb/s.


I tried rotational drives, too. Just trying to get to the install menu, and I will just drop a 320g rotational in it to start. Placeholder, can't get far enough to worry about HD, yet.


Thanks all. I knew it was Lion, and I tried CD's, but too small. Have go find a dvd.


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Sadly your systems USB ports don’t offer the ability to boot your system from a USB thumb drive. You’ll need to create a bootable DVD disk or locate one on one of the marketplaces.

Your system is limited to Lion OS-X 10.7.5 as the highest OS release. Between its limited RAM of 6 MB and slow SATA interface thats the best you can expect with the White Polycarbonate 2008 MacBooks.

Here’s a link to the free version from Apple Mac OS X Lion Installer as they finally released it for free! And here’s the needed procedure to make the DVD Create a Bootable DVD Copy of OS X Lion Installer from another Mac system.

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Won't work. No shared resources folder in all the 12 downloads I tried.


@thomhemler - I have no problem accessing the file I've listed and I've created a DVD from this installer so I'm not sure I understand your issue.

Maybe its best to just get a DVD from eBay Mac OS X Lion Version 10.7.5 Bootable Install/recovery DVD


How did you make it? The instructions want you to use the file found in the Shared Resources Folder inside the disk image. Not there...


@thomhemler - It was a year ago, I don't remember having any issues getting to the folders resources. I was using a MacBook Pro running Sierra. What is the macOS release you are trying to build off of?


Dan, I'm just trying to install any OS, but I've tried Lion 7.0 and Lion 7.4. Neither have the Shared Resources anymore. It looks like the entire folder is now called MAC OSX Install ESD.

The Lion DMG (disk image) is in the SharedSupport folder; the file is called InstallESD.dmg

Right-click the InstallESD.dmg file, and select Copy from the pop-up menu.

That file does not exist inside the DMG.


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