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Is it possible to replace just ONE key?

Hi guys,

So for a while now my "M" key is broken on my Macbook Pro. It's typing fine, but the key comes lose every now and then. I have searched and searched but I can't seem to find a place where I can buy replacement keys. Is this something that's simply not available or am I looking in the wrong places?

Thanks for your help!

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Hmm, the plastic mechanism seems to be alright. I don't see anything broken off or anything like that, but it's clearly not "sticking" properly. So far I've had a hard time finding any replacement keys for the Macbook Pro. Seems like I would have to get the whole keyboard exchanged, which seems a bit excessive....


Thanks guys! I think I found a place to order my "M". : )


hi guys by cleaning my keyboard of my mac ,unfortunately i have broken the clips of "I" letter my question is ? isn't changeable or should replace all the keyboard and from where can i get it


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Here's a guide for the different type of Apple keys, select your keyboard and order the key:

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Are you able to determine if it's the plastic mechanism that hold the key which is broken ? Or the part where the mechanism clips on the keyboard ? Or the part where the mechanism clips on the key?

If it's the plastic thing you may be able to find one on internet, I don't know if they are specific to mac or common to other brand. You can also get one from a dead keyboard, same thing for the key itself.

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Yes, the key can be removed and you can replace the hinge too

The trick is to stick something that will not damage the key or scratch the casing and you can toss the bad hinge, keep the key

Put the hinge on how the old one came out in the key, and you will be fine

Put the key on, and you're done

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