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Released in June 2013, the Galaxy Mega is a 6.3" smartphone featuring a 720P display, dual-core processor, and an 8 MP camera.

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My sansung mega powers on but wont go past spinning ATT logo to go int

My sansung mega powers on but wont go past My sansung mega powers on but wont go past spinning ATT logo to go into activaty ATT logo to go into activaty

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What happens if you shut down the phone, then hold power+volume down for a few seconds?


Thanks for helping im trying that but it wont actually shut down it keeps rolling over into restart


@Richard Streander Can you disconnect and reconnect the battery?


Yes andrew thsts the only way i could shut it down then i put battery back in and same Start up sequence until ATT logo stays stuck tried your volumn and power hold and ut just would reboot still not getting past logo


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@Richard Streander

Try holding the power button operated for a full 30 seconds after removing the battery.

Then reinsert the battery and check if it restarts automatically or if you have to start it using the power button.

If it doesn't restart automatically try starting in safe mode and check that it works OK and that you can turn it off normally.

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Hdy thankyou jayeff im trying right now


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