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Valve Steam Controller, released November 10th 2015. Model 1001.

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Replacing micro b with type C?

How can I replacing the micro b with a type c?

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Hi @robanon81,

There’s no point in doing this as it wouldn’t work.

The USB-C has 24 pins whilst the USB 2.0 (micro USB) has only 5.

The motherboard and USB controller on the board would not be set up for a type c.

Also the pins that you could use in a type c to connect to the board would not line up with the board connections.

See the image below for the difference in the layout between the two connectors.

Block Image

(click on image to enlarge).

If you did manage to somehow contrive to connect a usb-c connector to the board and use only the pins that lined up with the board connections, you would also have to make up a proprietary usb-c cable that you could use to connect with as a standard usb-c cable would not work.

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