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A baby monitor made by Infant Optics, Inc. The DXR-8 features a 3.5" screen , temperature sensor, night vision, and an interchangeable lens system.

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My backlight does not work, but everything else does.

The backlight on the monitor is not working. If you shine a flashlight on the screen you can see it, so the rest of the machine is working, just not the backlight.

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Hi @asg28 ,

You may need to disassemble it and replace the back light or see why it is not lighting up...


@honakrisi is the backlight part of the screen or the circuit board?


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Hi @asg28

The backlighting is usually part of the screen but check the screen flex cable for a loose cable connection or for a fuse (smd type) on the circuit board , close to the connector.

Looking at the image in Step.7 of the Infant Optics DXR-8 Monitor Screen Replacement guide, you can see a separated two wire flex cable from the display, which joins into the main display flex cable, with a +ve and -ve symbol on the leads where it connects on the main cable. I’m fairly certain that is the backlight power feed. You may be able to check if there is power there or not.

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