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Repair guides and service information for Medec Neptune anesthesia machines. The Medec Neptune Anesthesia is a ventilator designed for infants, adults and neonates (new-borns).

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Major leakage erro please help

Block Image

Hello guys

This error message appears and no tidal volume

Please help

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@zorro979 you most likely have issues witht he Tidal volume based on the leakage. I suggest you download the service manual from here and perform the Valve test which goes through the leakage checks. There are to many possibilities which require multiple tests and checkpoints.

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Check for leakage of the endotracheal tube or LMA whatever you are using. If not the normal size, it will alarm leakage. What's the level of your oxygen? If more than 3L/Min , it will alarm leakage. Please set your PEEP to either 4 or 5.. do your machine check and correct the Fio2 21% and 100%.

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