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Home clothes dryer no longer drying clothes.

For a good while its been making these really really loud sqeals whenever the drum began spinning. Now, its gone back to being silent, but it isn’t drying clothes, and the drum still spins.

What’s going on with it, and can I fix it?

Did my best to find the exact model (didn’t previously exist here), but its quite old.

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@bean093 any tag anything at all that may give us an idea about what model this might be (check the door/frame and back of it)? Post some good pictures of what this all looks like with your QUESTION. That might help us with that.

The squeals could have been a bearing or the belt. You did they it was still spinning so we can check that later. There are quite a few things that can cause the no heat situation. this could e from a bad heating element, to bad thermostat, failed thermal fuse and a fe more. If we cannot identify it by model we definitely need you to be our eyes and hands. so get ready for some picture taking time :-) Pictures can only be added to the QUESTION or answer but not in comments. Adding images to an existing question

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