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Model A1286. Released February 2011 / 2.0, 2.2, or 2.3 GHz Quad-core Intel Core i7 Processor

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Is my logic board fried?

Came back from a coffe break and found my Mac continuously rebooting by itself. Ended up taking off the hard disk data in target mode to another computer, but would frally like to fix this one!

Here are the symptoms, does this sound like the type of problems that the 2011 model was having back then?


Battery shows OK when battery tested (third party software)

Magsafe light shows green (strange though, always green)

But if the magsafe charger is taken off while computer is on, screen (& computer) goes immediately black.

During boot up, screen goes black soon after the login box is filled in, immediately after the appearance of a series of warning boxes (date & time not set and allow or deny boxes for several processes like cups, smbd, applefileshare, k5bxxx). As said, the screen then blacks out and the computer starts the boot process again, unless I shut it down at the login box stage.

PRAM and SMC were reset without any resulting change. I also installed a new magsafe DC i/o in (thank you iFixit for the procedure!) but it didn’t seem to make a difference, although it seems like the computer gets farther in the boot process with the battery installed than it did earlier (repeated boot cycles often before getting to the login box)


With battery disconnected, boot process finishes but the computer does not keep time/date etc (things controlled by SMC) the next time, if the charger is ever taken off, even just for a few seconds, when the computer is off.

When the computer is off, just attaching the magsafe charging cable initiates a boot chime, sometimes even when the screen is closed. Then, without pressing the start button at all, the computer goes through 1 to 3 chime cycles before the apple screen appears (almost like a PRAM reset) and the machine then boots to completion.

Whole computer seems to lag. Long boot up time, takes a couple of minutes before the USB mouse starts reacting, sometimes also same thing with the trackpad and keyboard, activates only after a couple of minutes.

Anyone have any ideas if it is the logic board or ???


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Let’s get a better view of things, install this gem of an app! CoconutBattery take a snapshot of the apps main window and post it here for us to see Adding images to an existing question

Some of your symptoms point to a worn battery which can pull the system down.


Hi Dan, I would love to oblige, but I keep this machine to run 10.6.8 and coconut starts at 10.7. For what it’s worth I replaced the battery not very long ago…


@Lami - Contact chris (at) coconut-flavour.com ask for the older version, I'm sure he'll send it.


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The issue is most likely your battery :)
If battery is not connected, it is not going to keep the date and time, and you will always have to adjust it after you unplug or restart the computer.
There is a slight chance that your logic-board cannot charge the battery also, but I would say it is most likely your battery that needs replacement. You can get a battery and replace it and see if it fixes your issue, make sure you can return the battery you buy just in case its the logic-board :)
Let me know how it goes.

Macbook Repair is tough but diagnostics is 95% of the way.

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I forgot to mention, these models are known to have GPU issues, before you invest in to it, I recommend reading about the GPU failure and potential cost in the future :)


Thanks for your answers, both Dan and Romi. I had thought about buying a battery, in fact I opened up the back of a mid 2010 that is also used for a specific purpose here to see if I could test with its battery. Alas, the battery contact was different (typical).

I also know about the GPU issue with the 2011 MacBook Pros (or rather I found out about it searching for some information on what might be the problem. But since I have had this computer since new, I suppose I can't complain if it is only now that it is acting up. At any rate, will try the battery first, since it is definitely the least economic damage. :-) I'll let you know what happens!


But also Dan, I can't really use the battery tool if I can't boot the computer with the battery in the circuit, it goes into that reboot cycle. But before all this happened it had been having weird things going on, like saying "not charging" with the charger attached and 89% battery. That's part of why I replaced the mag charger...


Hi Romi,

Received the new battery today and put it in. At first I thought it wouldn't solve the problem, because as I plugged in the charger in to fully charge the battery, it started to give the start-up chime with the lid closed (as it had been doing before, then continuously restarting). However, I just left and let it sit and finish charging.

When I came back and logged in, everything seemed normal.

Thanks very much for the help, I was already searching for a new logic board (especially after reading about the early 2011 MacBook Pro scandal), because the actions of the computer seemed so weird and because I had replaced the battery only a year ago... so you saved me from a big waste of money! Thanks again!


Oh, and just out of curiosity - didn't the older MacBook Pros have a little internal battery that DID keep the date and time for a while (like when one disconnected the main battery?)


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