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Model A2159, EMC 3301. A refresh of the entry-level 13" MacBook Pro. Available in Silver and Space Gray. Released July 2019.

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Please Help - Hacked EFI on MacPro 13 inch 2019

I think my computer has been compromised and the EFI chip was changed out. Can someone please look at this picture and tell me if this is true? I think it also might have a missing chip. I’ve seen several pictures that show two of the silver chips shown in the picture.

Block Image

Block Image

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How about telling us a bit more on your problem as I doubt anyone has messed with your system.


I've been struggling with hackers for the last 5 years. I know it sounds like I'm either paranoid or a moron, but it's true. My old partner was an expert hacker on the DarkWeb. Anyway, it's impossible for me to articulate all the bullshit I've been through. That @%^$$@$ would have had access to this computer to make the modifications. @danj


@jonwick - You'll need to find someone with digital forensics skills to help you locally.

As for altering your computer unlike a MS Windows system Mac's are much harder! Even still how you setup your system can make a big difference!

First if you are using only one user account you are not safe! You need to setup at least tow accounts the firs one we can the system admin account and you make a complex password for it and only use it to add or modify OS & applications installs. The second one is your daily account and you make sure its not allowed to alter the OS and applications. For my self I I have two other accounts one for my banking and another for online shopping so there is full isolation between my usage.

So that solves to system level intrusion from even the best hackers remotely. It doesn't stop someone who has direct access to your system! Is your home safe from someone entering? Do you have some level of home security? Do yo store your system in a locked drawer? I would work on that.

The next is the pipe your data is going in and out of your home! Do you use a wired Ethernet connection the safest connection. If you are using WiFi are you using the newer versions with WPA2 and do you change the password monthly with a complex one?

And lastly your Router and AP units are they secure?

Here's a bit more: Cybersecurity 101: Protect your privacy from hackers, spies, and the government

Keep in mind your systems EFI can't be hacked on this model as the person would need the Apple key to re-set the encryption.


@danj Also do not use ISP leased equipment. They leave ports open like mad and it creates actual issues at times.

I run my main devices through a HPE V1910-48G to isolate as much as I reasonably can as it's a Layer 3 switch as best I know but could be 2+ so I can setup a VLAN for devices I want to quarantine. If I had a choice I'd run a AC Linksys with DD-WRT, 2x Ethernet jacks in every room besides the bathrooms and non TV room and have a small 8 port switch where I do not need a managed one.


@nick - Yes I own my own router and Mesh WiFi AP stations. I also have on-wire monitoring via RMON probes so I can see new devices but also what time windows they are active and who they are connected to!


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That means you have a 128GB SSD. They use the same boards as the 256+ (which populate both pads) but only solder one chip per side on the 128GB configuration. You see solder there because of how the process works - even though it was never used, solder still flows due to the solder paste application process covering all 4 pads by design.

In order to remove these chips, you need to remove the potting, desolder it and know how to pull the encryption keys (public and private) from the T2 secure enclave, solder all 3 parts onto a custom board and dump it. The potting is intact so it's never been messed with here. You just bought a 128GB SKU and Apple shared boards between 128GB and 256+ versions of the machine.

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You can even see the iFixit teardown system is missing this second memory chip in Step-6 MacBook Pro 13" Two Thunderbolt Ports 2019 Teardown


@danj I'm surprised they didn't spin 2 different boards for the 128/256+ machines, or put 128GB on one side entirely. 256+ boards would have both sides fully populated.


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